24 May 2024

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How do you make a brand a legend?

Whatever your role in creating and developing a brand, one thing is for sure, if there’s no story, then you’re facing a losing battle.

8 November 2023

_packaging design insights

Packaging and Design in a Globalised World

We’ve all heard the term, “Think global, act local.”

29 September 2023

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How To Navigate AI as a Designer

How will AI shape the future of design and the designer’s role?

23 August 2023

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How To Navigate Loadshedding as a Designer

Loadshedding has had a massive impact on the economy and wreaks havoc on designers' lives by impacting our productivity, ability to reach deadlines, and cash flow. Here is what I have learned.

1 June 2023

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What is packaging design? Definition, objective, examples.

Packaging design is a marriage of typography, imagery, illustration, structure, size, and colour, designed to tempt consumers into parting with their money.

1 May 2023

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3 Ways a packaging specialist can save you money

With the cost of living and running a business skyrocketing, companies tend to look for ways to reduce spending. Here’s why cutting costs upfront could cost you in the long run!

1 March 2023

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5 Tips to create a winning workspace

If your office space doesn’t inspire you, it won’t inspire potential clients! Here are our top five tips for creating a winning workplace.

1 July 2022

_packaging process

Despite the digital world, printed mock-ups are still a necessity

Have you nailed your creative brief or just the look and feel? To be confident, you need to print and mock up your packaging design, which needs to be done in phase one of the project, not at the end.

1 June 2022

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Does your packaging have an embarrassing copy error?

It could be something as small as a missing apostrophe. Maybe you’re was written as your? Or a digit was left off your phone number. Whatever the mistake, however, small and innocuous it could be costing you, customers.

1 March 2022

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Neighbourhood markets are becoming the new retail space

Why shop in a sterile jam-packed retail space when you can shop in a warm and inviting neighbourhood market? These marketspaces are rapidly becoming a place for manufacturers looking for first-hand feedback from their customers.

1 June 2021

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Theatre on shelf - That moment when you see a product, fall in love and buy it.

To create 'theatre on shelf' you need more than just a striking or innovative design. Here's what you need to know.

1 March 2021

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Avoid these 7 mistakes when starting your own business

While I love being my own boss, my journey from employee to business owner has not been without its challenges. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the past nine years.

2 February 2021

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How the pandemic changed the design industry

Five ways the pandemic has impacted the design industry.

3 June 2019

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2019 Packaging design trends and my top purchasing tips

The Internet's packed with good advice and incredible creativity. Still, you can’t touch, smell, and truly experience it — this is why I believe designers, particularly packaging designers, should travel.