Creating a Storm
Graphic Design & Packaging


Creating a Storm is a single-entity packaging and graphic design studio based in Cape Town.  Though small, I offer a full creative service, carrying jobs from client brief to concept, production and delivery. A perfectionist at heart, my work is tailor-made to your target audience.

I approach any job like the lifespan of a storm.
First a subtle shifting of air molecules: This essential market research is needed to guide my strategic thinking.
Then a gathering of elemental forces: A combination of clever concepts, beautiful or memorable copy, and arresting design.
And finally the heart of the storm in all its glory: The end product.

It’s not simply about creating a design that will compete for consumer attention. It’s about creating an authentic experience, one that will guarantee your brand ambassadors for life.

Ultimately, my role is to help grow your business.

Storm with an Umbrella


My services include packaging design (as a forte), identity creation, brand development, graphic design and design consulting. I have an in-house copywriter and work in partnership with a packaging legislation consultant, web designer and programmer, as well as only the best photographers and stylist.


Packaging is all about creating theater on shelf. But it is also so much more. It’s about winning you brand ambassadors for life. Achieving this requires years of packaging design experience and an intimate knowledge of how consumers purchase product.

Design Consulting

These days, it’s hard to find and keep award-winning senior designers or creative directors. Either they choose to move into a full-time freelance position to give them the opportunity to work on multiple brands and earn more money, or they are snapped up by the bigger agencies who can afford to pay them a higher salary.

Identity & Branding

Because first impressions are lasting, it’s imperative that your business, brand or any printed artwork looks professional and is memorable. Once I know you, your business needs and objectives I ensure that any artwork created remains true to your company vision, is visually strong and aesthetically pleasing. It’s about creating designs that won’t date.

Photography, Stylisting,
Web Design & Development

As a perfectionist, only the best will do. This is why I work with professionals who I know and trust to deliver the highest quality work every time.


A beautifully designed artwork might draw the eye, but it is the written word, which conveys meaning and captures the imagination. Get this wrong, and you lose the consumers’ interest almost instantaneously. From short, catchy one-liners to well-written websites and unforgettable storytelling, Creating A Storm offers it all.