How Ginger Storm got this stationery to move and deliver the ethos of a premium brand.


Stratum is a world leader in their field as a premium executive search, recruitment, and management consulting firm. They provide bespoke human capital solutions to the mining industry and have a unique approach that focuses on the “human element” of mining.




Project Overview

Stratum needed a brand identity and stationery that positioned them as the premium executive search, recruitment, and management consulting firm. 

To convey this the emphasis needed to be on broad appeal from top-tier individuals and companies to the miners. This was a challenge because the stationery needed to be premium and exclusive, without isolating the mining managers on site. The stationery also needed to communicate the status and service delivery of the company. 

Ginger Storm designed a contemporary logo that’s a symbolic representation of the layers of stratum in the earth. I combined this with elegant and modern typography with bronze foiling to give the brand a premium feel. I also wanted to use foils as a nod to the mining industry and to highlight the warm colours of the earth. The icon of the stratum is used as a graphic element across all stationery items and is debossed to give it a tactile feel. I used a diverse earthy colour palette alongside premium cotton paper, and together with the foiling, I developed an elegant stationery combination across various executions. 

There is incredibly fine attention to detail in every item of stationery which provides a premium feel. Hand-printed stationery is sadly a thing of the past, and not as prevalent in a digital world. However, we still have an incredibly nostalgic attachment to it, and it demonstrates, not only a high-end industry that hasn’t cut corners but an intense commitment to personalised communication.