Pharmacy at SPAR Pregnancy Tests

When Pharmacy at SPAR South Africa approached me to redesign their range of products I was so excited. A chance to show pharmacies across South Africa that your branded products don't need to be boring, bland and unimaginative - sign me up.

Pregnancy packaging is often inconspicuous because let's face it; some pregnancies are unplanned. Some woman would prefer to keep it under wraps. Either way, there are nerves when purchasing a pregnancy test.

With this design, I wanted to capture those little butterflies that many women experience waiting to find out if it's a yes or a no. It looks unlike any pregnancy test out there so it will stand out on the shelf, and yet it's still understated enough not to draw unwanted attention.

In keeping with the rebrand, I've used a spar icon in a ribbon-like foil seal at the top of each pack counterbalanced with the Pharmacy at SPAR logo below. This combined with the elegant type layout and line work illustrations create uniformity across the full range on store shelves.

The colour gradient from light pink to soft pinky purple and blue is pleasing to the eye. The butterflies are a UV varnish on a matt box that together with the foiled logo creates a stylish and attractive product. It looks more upmarket than competitor products and costs less making it the preferred choice.

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