Pharmacy at SPAR condom range

When Pharmacy at SPAR approached Creating A Storm to rebrand their ‘own branded products’ you can imagine my excitement. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to show South Africa pharmaceutical brands that they don’t need to play it safe with boring, bland and uninspiring designs. 

My goal was to create a new look and feel that was trendy, upmarket and edgy without costing a fortune. It would be a breath of fresh air for consumers and certainly, stand out on the shelf.

And as a leading pharmaceutical brand, the design also needed to convey quality, affordability, and trust. Whether I was designing for vitamins and minerals, pregnancy tests or condom packaging there needed to be cohesion across the range of products. 

I incorporated the spar icon in a ribbon-like foil seal at the top of each pack counterbalanced with the Pharmacy at SPAR logo below. Modern, bright colours printed onto metallic board and foils were used to capture the attention of consumers. Simple typography grids allow for quick and easy reading. The addition of trendy illustrations gives the products a modern feel. All these design elements work together to deliver an exciting and premium look and feel.  

It was a brave and welcome move by Pharmacy at SPAR, and I believe it’ll prove to be one of their best decisions.

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