NoMeat Jerky Rebrand

Some might say Planty Herman’s are mad scientists. I personally think they’re brilliant. Hailing from Germany, this innovative duo has concocted the most delicious vegan snack. Not only does it taste like meat, but it comprises 55 percent of plant-based proteins—the highest in the world. So this snack really is the perfect vegan alternative to supplement your diet.

Their NOmeat Biltong can be bought in South Africa, and NOmeat Jerky in the United States.


As you can imagine, I was delighted to be asked to redesign their packaging. The new look and feel needed to capture consumers’ attention on the shelf quickly. The manufactures also wanted the consumer to understand that this is a healthy option immediately.


The highlight of the design is the cow illustration. Most old school butcher designs include an etching of the animal from which the meat came. We decided to use this as inspiration, but create something with a twist. The legs of the cow are the trunks of a tree. These then branch off into leaves which make up the body of the cow. At first glance, it looks like a cow, but on closer inspection, the tree reveals itself.

Housed within a dark ribbon band, much like that of the ribbon awarded to a prized bull, is the logo. 

The typography design and placement is a throwback to meat and butchery designs from thirty/forty years ago. We paired the typography with a modern and vibrant colour palette to create theatre on the shelf.

The design is finished off with stamps that tell a story. They highlight values which Planty Herman’s adheres too, so animal-friendly, vegan food manufacturing, which is high in protein.

Credits: Maggie @carvel_art - cow illustration 

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