AmazeBalls Wrappers

Balls of chocolate filled with a surprise inside, who wouldn’t love it! 

And best of all, Amazeballs also come in coconut and pretzel flavour. Targeted at the everyday, female, African chocolate lover, these delectables taste as good as chuckles but thankfully are far more affordable. 

And to ensure that they stand out on the shelf, the packaging includes gold foils, varnished stripes and tempting photography. The fun hand drawn logo typography, together with a clean, sophisticated type, stamps, bright colors and innovative printing create a wow product. 

AmazeBalls Coconut & Pretzel AmazeBalls logo AmazeBalls Pretzel Wrapper AmazeBalls Pretzel Wrapper front & back AmazeBalls Coconut Wrapper AmazeBalls Coconut Wrapper front & back AmazeBalls Pretzel Shipper AmazeBalls Coconut Shipper