Storm Wiggett at home office for Creating A Storm

How the pandemic changed the design industry

BY Storm Wiggett 2 February, 2021
March 2020 irrevocably changed the South African design industry. The coronavirus disembarked off an aircraft bound from Italy and forced the country into a three-month lockdown. Almost overnight, work dried up, creatives lost their jobs, and agencies shut down. The freelance industry was flooded with talent desperately searching for any work and willing to cut their fees. But it wasn't all doom and gloom. In this article, I'm going to discuss five ways the pandemic has impacted the design industry.

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Vida e Caffé Coffee Bean Bags

What is packaging design? Definition, objectives, examples.

BY Candice de Beer 3 March, 2020
Packaging design is the process of conceptualizing and executing the physical form, and visual look and feel of a product's outer packaging. It is a marriage of typography, imagery, illustration, structure, size, and colour, designed to tempt consumers into parting with their money.

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Neighbourgoods Market in Oranjezicht Umbrellas

Neighbourhood markets, quickly becoming the new retail space where people want to shop

BY Candice de Beer 11 November, 2019
Why shop in a sterile jam-packed retail space when you can shop in a warm and inviting neighbourhood market? These marketspaces are rapidly becoming the preferred place to purchase fresh produce, as well as vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and dairy-free sweet treats, loaves of bread, and meals. It's a space for friends and family to gather and have a good time, maybe go home with a gift or two. It's also great for manufacturers looking for first-hand feedback from their customers.

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Theatre on shelf - that moment when you see a product, fall in love, and buy it.

BY Candice de Beer 3 March, 2019
To create 'theatre on shelf' you need more than just a striking or innovative design. As a packaging range, there needs to be some design element that draws the eye and invites the consumer to give it a try. It could be as simple as the placement of your logo. Here's what you need to know.

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Skin Creamery packaged mock ups

Despite the digital world, printed mock-ups are still a necessity.

BY Candice de Beer 2 February, 2019
Nothing beats that moment when you realise you’ve nailed your creative brief. But have you really nailed it, or just the look and feel? To be confident in your artwork you need to print and mock-up your packaging design, and this needs to be done in phase one of the project, not at the end. Here's why creating that 3D render should be last on your to-do list.

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